Day of hospitalization

Your arrival at the clinic

  • •For a classic hospitalization stay of several days, you will be admitted ​​on the eve or very early in the morning of intervention,
  • •For outpatient hospitalization: you will be admitted in the morning.



Administrative admission

  • You must go to the admission office with the following documents:
  • ID card (or passport)
  • •Medical insurance card (SIS card)
  • •For patients with valid health insurance, no down payment is necessary,
  • •For foreign patients or without insurance, the total intervention price must be paid on admission (intervention price should be requested from the “estimates” department of the clinic) (CB)
  • •The room requested during the consultation with the surgeon is reserved for you. The type of room booked during the consultation must be respected.
  • •There is a locker in your room. We recommended keeping your valuables there.
  • •TV and telephone are included in the room price.

Medical examination

  • •For a classic hospitalization, your surgeon and anaesthesiologist will come to visit you before intervention and check one last time that everything is in order.
  • •For outpatient hospitalization, the surgeon will meet you directly in the OR.

Arrival in the room

  • •A nurse will provide information and explanations necessary for your stay
  • •You have to give the nurse all your tests performed (laboratory tests, X-rays…). The nurse will prepare you for intervention.
  • •The nurse will prepare the admission file.

On the eve of the intervention, you should not eat, drink or smoke from midnight.

You will be informed of the time of intervention in the morning. A light sedative will be prescribed and administered to improve your sleep quality.

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