Hospital discharge

Before leaving the hospital, the team will ensure that you are able to leave the clinic in the best conditions.

Medical checks

The surgeon and anaesthetist will ensure that everything goes well.

Nurse checks

Nurses check and replace the dressing, administer the injection of anticoagulant (if needed). They will provide you with all tests conducted.

Physical therapist checks

They check whether you are able to go home, in terms of recovery.

Floor nurses

They will provide you with:

  • all prescriptions for drugs, nursing and for your physical therapist
  • proof of sick leave, if needed.
  • discharge summary
  • date of the check-up visit:

•meeting with your surgeon

•meeting for X-rays.


– Possibly organize transport to return home (ambulance, VSL, taxi).

Thank you for completing the assessment questionnaire with your suggestions and notes, which will allow us to improve our service quality.

After leaving the hospital, do not hesitate to contact us in case of problems. Call the registry office at 02/4345560. If secretaries deem the situation is urgent, will give you my private number.


Speedy recovery!


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