Why a website?

It was evidenced that the medical information of patients is essential, because it makes them participate in their treatment.

Moreover, right to information is regulated by law and is part of patient rights):

Right to be informed about health status

Law states that patients are entitled to all information to enable them understanding their health status and likely progress.

Right to agree explicitly to any intervention

Patients should receive sufficient information to enable them to agree knowingly to an intervention or treatment.

For this, during visits, doctors must explain the medical problems of patients and treatment means.

In orthopaedic surgery, surgeons must explain:

  • – Why is the disease? What are the various proposed treatments, whether medical or surgical? What are the different types of interventions? How the proposed intervention will take place? What are the most common complications?

This information, which does not claim to be exhaustive, allows the patient to choose. It is difficult to decide during a 20 to 30 minutes check-up; often, patients retain little information.

Internet support in these conditions, can help winning time:

  • Improving the quality of information proposed (patients will be able to see it whenever they need an answer)
  • It allows them to better “see” interventions (video, drawings).

This site aims to present various joint pathologies, whether sporting or degenerative (i.e. age- or employment-related).

Therefore, it is not an on-line diagnostic tool: it was designed to extend the privileged moment of the consultation.

To provide simple and practical navigation, information related to these pathologies, as well as their treatment, is classified by type of joint.

There are some general pages, sometimes more technical, all described by me, regarding my usual orthopaedic practice, and explanations concerning scientific discoveries of different procedures or postoperative indications.

This information is also useful to rehabilitation and healthcare teams. Practical tips will ease your convalescence. Everything has been designed to help the Patient.




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